User Agreement

[About the number of people who can use the living box] The number of people who can use the dwelling box is limited to 2 people per building. However, up to 2 additional people can be used only for customers under elementary school age (additional charge will be incurred for each person). [For customers who wish to play in the river] We strongly recommend that you bring a life jacket when playing in the river. The Niyodo River is a large river, so it is deep and has a flow. << About check-in time >> 14: 00-18: 00 If it is past 18:00, we will cancel it on the day of the event. << About how to spend the night >> Please stay quiet after 21:00. If you cannot spend your time quietly, we may take an exit procedure. We will strictly support music playback and use of musical instruments. ≪About rivers≫ The river is outside the control area of the facility. Since it is a completely natural environment, there are both deep and flowing areas. ≪Notes in the hall≫ ・ We are not responsible for any troubles such as traffic accidents and theft in this facility. ≪Prohibited matters in the hall≫ In order for our customers to spend their time comfortably and safely in the venue, the following acts are prohibited. ・ Use of fireworks ・ Karaoke / Use of musical instruments ・ Bonfire of direct fire ・ Use of generator ・ Accompany pets ・ Distribute merchandise and advertisements without the permission of the administrator ・ Invite anyone other than the applicant to the venue without the permission of the administrator. ・ Acts that violate the provisions of laws and regulations and public order and morals ・ Producing loud voices and sounds to cause trouble to other users ・ Other acts specified by the administrator ・ 21:00 is the turn-off time, please stay quiet after that. ≪Dwelling box prohibited act≫ In addition to the above-mentioned prohibited items and precautions in the venue, the following acts are also prohibited in and around the living box. ·bonfire ・ Accompanied by pets ・ Cooking in the living box ・ Use of fire or stove in the dwelling box, and actions that may cause fire or carbon monoxide poisoning * Customers who do not agree to the above precautions / prohibited acts and customers who violate the above will not be allowed to use the service in the future.