User Agreement

The business period and business hours are as follows in principle. [Operating period] Full year [Regular Holiday] Wednesday (Excluding Golden Week, Obon and New Year) Tuesdays are only available for day trips. [Business Hours] @ Snow Peak Store: 9: 00-19: 00 * Fees and facility usage times will be presented in a separate table. * For accommodation and day camp use, please make a reservation in advance and complete the reception on the day and pay the fee first. * Pets are allowed. [Vehicle traffic, parking] ・ Vehicle entry / exit time is from 7:00 to 21:00. ・ Pedestrians should be prioritized for traveling in the hall, and travel at 10 km / h or less. ・ Please contact us in advance for camper entry. (There are undulations in the hall, so the location of use may be restricted depending on the type of vehicle.) [Prohibited acts in the hall] In order to ensure a safe and comfortable camp life in the field, the following actions are prohibited in principle. ・ Driving a car on the lawn ・ Drone flight (prohibited regardless of size) ・ Fire by direct fire ・ Use of fireworks (including hand-held fireworks) ・ Karaoke, use of musical instruments ・ Use of generator ・ The act of bringing a pet without a lead or gauge ・ Abandonment of garbage ・ Vehicle entry and exit outside the designated time ・ Idling while parked ・ Invite anyone other than the user to the site without the permission of the administrator ・ Distribute merchandise and advertising materials without permission from the administrator ・ Act against laws and regulations or public order and morals ・ Generate loud voices and sounds, and cause great trouble for other users. ・ Other acts specified by the administrator [About rental items] Please make a reservation in advance for rental items. Items may not be available on the day. The staff will prepare, but please check the items before use, and tell us before use if there is any defect in the rental item. Please pay attention to the damage etc. so that the next person can use it easily, and use it neatly. We are not responsible for any accidents during use, so use with caution. If you have any questions about how to use the rental product, please feel free to contact the staff. If you think that damage has occurred due to intentional or rough handling, you may have to pay for rental equipment.